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Transform Your Relationships

Welcome to The Glass House. We are committed to your Relational Health.  

The Glass House is a residential program providing an intimate setting to heal and transform your relationships. We offer short-term workshops for individuals and couples looking to create and maintain healthier relationships.

Our dedicated staff specializes in all things relational: co-dependency, trauma, conflict, process addictions, emotional intelligence, attachment dysregulation (formerly known as love addiction), healthy sexuality, and intimacy in relationships.

We provide an intimate sober setting for individuals to take an in-depth look at core relationship challenges with self and others. Each group has a maximum of six guests who complete the program together therefore creating an intimate environment and a built-in support system.

If you want to show up differently in your relationships, your experience at The Glass House will create behavioral change.  You will understand your most common attachment style, know why you do what you do in relationships, learn how to ask for what you want and need, and gain clarity on the important relationships in your life.  The result will allow you to approach relationships in reality, with clarity, resulting in healthier connections. We invite you to read more about us and please reach out with your questions.

Do you relate with any of the following?

   Relationships can bring up feelings of un-met longing or the desire to hide, which can lead to compulsive and/or secretive behavior.

  Feeling not enough and/or abandoned often creates hyper-vigilance and obsessive behavior that gets identified as love addiction, anxiety, and codependency.

  Feeling misunderstood and/or engulfed often results in difficulty finding your voice with others resulting in secretive behavior that gets identified as avoidant, depression, and selfish. 

We can help begin the process of attaching more securely in your relationships. We believe that showing up wholeheartedly, as your healthiest self in relationship with self, family, work, and community, is vital to your health and happiness. It also contributes to the betterment of our society.



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Our Programs

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We invite you to be in conversation with us regarding admissions. We are currently offering personalized intensives. If you are in need of immediate relationship coaching to help you through this difficult time, PIVOT coaches are available online. For now, we are postponing our retreats at The Glass House to proactively respond to the CDC guidelines regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19). We will notify you when government-mandated regulations are lifted.